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Chalazion and Stye

A chalazion is an eyelid nodule (bump) that occurs due to a blocked oil gland. Chalazia can be small or large, inflamed or non-inflamed, tender or non-tender. They tend to resolve spontaneously after several days or weeks and often respond well to warm compresses or conservative medical treatment such as warm compresses and/or topical ointments.


A stye is another type of eyelid nodule that forms along the edge of the eyelid and is caused by an infected lash follicle (“external hordeoulum”) or an oil gland (“internal hordeolum”). A stye can cause lid tenderness and redness, scratchy feeling in the eye, and crusting along the lid margin. Again, warm compresses and antibiotics (topical ointments or sometimes oral medications) may be recommended.

Sometimes these lesions can be persistent and bothersome, in which case they can be treated by either administering a steroid injection, or by incision and drainage under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort in the office. The highly experienced physicians at Southern Shores Eye Center can evaluate such lesions and discuss treatment options if necessary.