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Cosmetic Services

Botox® Cosmetic

Botox® Cosmetic is a minimally invasive procedure performed in the office with little or no "down" time. It is used to smooth wrinkles in the face in order to create a more youthful appearance. It is especially useful around the eye area on the wrinkles between the brows (the "11's") and thin wrinkles that surround the eyes (crows feet). It can also be used treat wrinkles in other areas such as the forehead or sometimes around the mouth.


Juvederm® is the number one dermal filler used to fill in lines, wrinkles, folds, and scars. Fillers add volume for a more natural, youthful and smoother appearance. Juevederm is particularly useful around the mouth and nose areas.


Latisse® solution is a prescription used to make eyelashes grow longer, thicker, and darker. This is a self-applied, at-home treatment that can enhance your eyes in less time than it takes to apply eyeliner and mascara.


TempSure® TempSure Envi is a gentle new radiofrequency treatment that minimizes facial fine lines and wrinkles, tightens skin* and improves the appearance of cellulite. It’s safe for all skin types and levels of sun exposure, so it fits perfectly into any beauty maintenance routine, any time of year.